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The Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students, DAIS, is an organization dedicated to strengthening our schools and ourselves, through increased knowledge, awareness, and respect for different cultures.  Its members are comprised of students from independent, public, and parochial schools, who wish to discuss and improve human relations within the community and society at large.


"It’s important to note that these topics were student generated and student led.  It was wonderful to see so many high school students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, interacting and sharing their stories."

Amy Bowllan, Librarian Blogger. "Writers against Racism: DAIS – “Learning the Language of Power”." School Library Journal- Bowllan's Blog. Entry posted May 11, 2011.


“(10)DAIS and SDLC are two unforgettable acronyms…(11)…whose personal
     impact and parties/events were twice as memorable.”

Erica Davies, Blogger. "25 Signs You Were a Minority Attending an NYC Private School." Thought Catalog.  Entry posted April 24, 2014.

"...Years ago, when my children went to independent schools...we didn't know that...we had a stake in as much [of the education process] as our children [did]..."

Kenneth Marable, DAIS President "RIISE – Socially Responsible Recruitment." Interview. RIISE. Entry posted September 13, 2013.

“Pharoah epitomizes what it means to be a scholar athlete and leader amongst his peers…a facilitator for the Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students (DAIS), an organization dedicated to increasing the knowledge, awareness, and respect for different cultures."

"Packer News: Knicks Honor Packer Senior for Leadership and Perseverance."
 Packer Collegiate Institute, Partner School. Last modified April 7, 2014.

"Last evening RIISE attended POCIS/DAIS Panel Discussion: What Kids Wish Adults Knew About Being a Student of Color at an Independent School…The panel consisted of seven (7) brilliant, confident, and witty students from middle and upper divisions… All were members of DAIS."

Gina Parker Collins, RIISE founder,  "Listening to Our Kids." RIISE.   Entry posted January 13, 2013.


“In a Q&A following a screening of the film, Idris credited an organization of black students for helping him get through high school. Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students (DAIS), 'was founded… to encourage more socialization among the students of color at independent schools in NYC.'"

Eisa Nefertari Uslen., Contributor Washington Post "‘American Promise’ and the Black Student Struggle in the Nation’s Private Schools." The Root DC Live. Entry posted April 5, 2013.

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