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The Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students, DAIS, is an organization dedicated to strengthening our schools and ourselves, through increased knowledge, awareness, and respect for different cultures.  Its members are comprised of students from independent, public, and parochial schools, who wish to discuss and improve human relations within the community and society at large.

Conference Planning Committees

Every year, students volunteer to be a part of the conference planning process. The descriptions of the conference committees are below. Students, please use the form below to select the committee you would like to join. 

Workshops: This committee develops topics of discussion for all workshops, including one workshop related to the theme of this year's conference, and the affinity group activity, in which all conference attendees participate. 

Brochure and Publicity: This committee creates a brochure logo for the conference and works with the Executive Director of DAIS to communicate with DAIS partner schools. 

Registration: This committee creates the content of the student conference packets, develops the most efficient method to check in registered students and register students on site, and works as the registration crew at the conference.

Ceremony and Talent Show/Open Mic: This committee develops a creative and energetic opening ceremony related to the theme and coordinates and/or hosts the talent show/open mic.

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